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Hair & Beauty Courses in London


We believe that when a school gives students confidence, skills & empowerments, this will enable them to understand that they are capable of doing anything in order to achieve the best from their training.

Our teachers take time to get to know and understand each students needs, we always work to inspire the best in all of our students.




Academy of hair & beauty courses

Finance Available

The leading provider in Afro barbering, Afro hair styles & braiding

Allskins Academy is one of the leading training providers in

  • hairdressing
  • barbering
  • beauty therapy
  • make-up
  • Afro Caribbean barbering
  • Afro hairdressing
  • and  hair braiding in  the Uk
  • and has a proud track record of students progress.

Academy of hair & beauty courses

What Makes Us Unique  About us  Barbering Schools

Barbering products knowledge

Bespoke Fast Track Courses

London School of Afro Barbering

Afro barbering training date 30/05/19

Leaders in Afro barbering courses


Allskins Motto- Skills Changes Life

Empowerment in practical skills

Our school motto “Skills Changes Life” justify all that we do,

we treat each student as an individual

and provide assistance carefully tailored to each one’s needs.

Centre of skills empowerment… Empowerment in practical skills

Skills and Empowerment Centre Allskins


Afro barbering training date 30/05/19

Afro Barbering training coming up 30/05/19.

Book your space now.

Finance available

Afro barbering training date 30/05/19

Afro Caribbean barbering training 



Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s day is a time to show your loved one how dear they mean to you.

Buy a course today, offer it to your special someone at Allskins hair and beauty academy


Free Hair Cut

Model required for free hair cutting. 

  • Women hair cut.
  • Men barbering.

To book call/text: 075 7246 2225


Afro Caribbean Barbering Training

To be a professional barber, you will need to have the necessary skills to provide a quality standard of services to your clients and this training school will guard you all through in order to achieve this fulfilment.