ASHBL Terms & Conditions


We do require students and clients to make their payments in full except where instalment payment or  finance packages options is selected

For more information please speak with course coordinator by calling for other available payment options or advice

We do  reserve the right to make amendment to the   prices  of our courses  due to sales without prior notice or at any time We reiterate that we do not refund price difference  in the event of a price reduction the moment  a booking is made, the prices paid is final.

Refunds Procedures

All course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

For those who have made payment through our partners :specifically to those who have enrolled on full course or made payment through point of sales partners  can  exercise their statutory right to cancellation of training provided   in writing within 7 days from the date of booking your course. And if student fail to notify us of their inability to attend a booked training,  cancellation period will not be applicable and must  be  subjected to the agreed refund  policy and reasonable administration cost deducted. This may not apply to our  short courses and  promotional courses.

Allskins school of hair and beauty London  may not be able to offer refunds for cancellations due to obvious  circumstances  beyond our control, We may offer a complimentary training and the school would not be held responsible for any loss of income incur further to the  cancellation of courses.

Cancellation  of training  course

Where  a genuine proof is provided for a reason of cancellation of training, rescheduling of alternative training date will be at the discretion of the school and an administration fee may be required and may as well  result in loss of course fees.

 A confirmed training date will be notified prior to the booked training date, a request for a transfer will be considered where a prior notice has been given subject to the discretion of the school and plus an administration fee unless where medical proof is provided or on compassionate ground or as a gesture of goodwill otherwise the course fees would be forfeited. No refund of course fees can be issued. Contact for more information on non attendance of course.

Booked training cannot be transferred to another student. Correct name of the person attending the course must be given at the time of making payment. Amendments may be available at additional charges; 48 hours’ notice prior to the course date is required in writing.


All practical training must be completed within specified time  unless otherwise agreed.

Please ensure you arrive early at the training centre, our standard opening hour is between 10.30 to 4.30 pm . A short break for lunch is provided during which we recommend students remain within the training centre

Student may be refused entry if arriving late in the morning. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for travelling. plan your journey before hand, to assist you to locate the centre on the training day.

All students must attend the training in full  in order to achieve your diploma.

Confirmation of Bookings

please note that we will send you an email within 24 hours of booking a training course  to acknowledge your booking and your online payment receipt may not be enough to  guaranteed your booking.

Diploma Certificates

Diploma certificates are issued by email within 7 working days of completing your training.. Certificates may be issued in hard copy or digitally and printed off by students If you require your certificate to be reissued in a new name, we would require proof of change of name plus the standard fee for certificate replacement.

Online Theory

Some of our courses require completion of theory online before the practical are booked in the school.

During your training

During your training you will be required to work on mannequin and life models.  Where the college  models are not available students are required to bring in their own models.  In most cases students will give colleagues treatment and receive treatments from each others.  We require that students provide us with their personal or religious belief that may not enable them work in mixed group with other students the reason being that we respect everybody view as much as it is within the principles of learning.

We do not accept Photography or recording of training either in audio and video. This is to protect the privacy of other students, meet Data Protection requirements and avoid disruption to training. Tutors may occasionally take photos of student work during training with express permission, for marketing/promotional purposes or as evidence of portfolio..

All students are required to have a good command of the English language as all courses are taught  in English, both written and spoken however . one on  one training  may be available where possible but students must be aware that additional cost may be applicable.

Should must be able to demonstrate the required level of English to participate fully within the course, they may be refused the diploma and would unfortunately forfeit any course fees paid. Therefore it is important to discuss this prior to booking if you feel this may be an issue affecting your learning and course participation.

Disclosure of Medical Conditions

We required that students disclose any medical or health conditions that may affect their training. Pregnant students above 12 weeks may not be allowed to participate in some practical assessment may result in forfeit of course fees. It is therefore important that at the point of booking, medical condition is disclosed. Students with special training needs may be required to book on one on one training. Please note that where applicable, additional fee may be required.

Electrical  treatments requirements

You must ensure you  have notified us of any medical conditions / medications before enrolling on any electrical treatment courses. .For those receiving certain treatments or those  who have undergone cosmetic procedures  within the last 12 weeks will not be allowed to participate in the assessment process therefore it is vital these information are disclosed to us before booking on the course,  or may result in loss of your  course fees.


We will ensure all students gain the most from their training experience. However, if you have any  concerns  with your training with us, please email

Your complaints will be investigated as required and  will receive a response within 7 working days.