About Us

Allskins School of Hair & Beauty: Over the past years we have trained loads of students and developed courses, seminar and workshops to specific need of learners within barbering, hairdressing and beauty industry. Most of our students have been able to setup their business upon completing their course with us. If you are contemplating starting your barbershop, hair salon or a beauty parlour do not hesitate to contact us on 07572462225

This training is ideal for you if:

  • You are currently thinking of running your own business
  • You directly own a business and wants to perfect your skills and increase your revenue
  • You are already qualified but need to refresh your skill and how to use those skills generate extra revenue
  • You want to run own business but don’t have the expertise and how to convert your skills and passion into business
  • Marketing your skills

We also provide in-house mobile training for salons and individuals

We provide in house and flexible training at no extra cost in order to save you time, money and complement your effort. We implement tailored training solution aimed for your staff development and help secure your business future.

Our experience and expertise in the field of hairdressing, barbering, beauty, make-up and nail technology training is at your doorstep. We are able to provide training for your staffs on personal and flexible duration. Accredited diploma certificate issued upon completing your training with us, which would also enable you obtain liability insurance.

Benefits of In-house training for salons

Staffs training are viable ways to improve productivity and energise your business.

The benefit of in-house training is that it allows your staffs to improve on their skills, qualified and be competent –Learning and working. The training can be carried within your workplace at negotiated hours or days; more business will be generated for your salon.

We can guarantee that choosing one of our packaged training will help eliminate the issue of incompetent and staffs shortage in salons and further guarantee your control over your business. Remember, your business is about you so don’t lose your business focus.

Our Mission

Allskins School of hair and beauty is the training provider of quality, affordable and professional hairdressing, men barbering and beauty therapy training in the UK.

We are committed to enabling learning experience by providing range of fast track, flexible, In-house and effective training courses. Our mission is to inspire passion and help promote youth empowerment and  skills  development.

We encourage you to join us on a journey of life changing experience, explore and realise your individual goal and  further advance business development and employability opportunities.

our training strategy

Career Advice

We provide free advice for potential learners and explore possible options of financial assistance. And where students are experiencing difficulties either in choosing a course or issues on enrolling on a course, one on one session support will also be made available.

Payment Methods

Payment plan are available. All payments are non refundable. Payment may be made in cash, credit card, debit cards or cheque. Please contact us for further information.

Chosen Modules

Flexible training hours can be arranged tailored to learners need. Day, and evening and weekend sessions also available, for further details do not hesitate to contact us.

Job Opportunities

For immediate job opportunities upon completing your course with us or work experience, do not hesitate to speak with your course coordinator

Dedicated Trainers

Our trainers are fully qualified with years of experience in their subject area. They are passionate and motivated.

Hands on Training

You will be required to work on live models to enable you build confidence.

Equipments on Demands

Where required, equipments can be provided on request.


Fully accredited Diploma or NVQ certificates will be issued by the awarding bodies.

Training Incentive

Introduce a friend and enjoy a 10 percent discount on your next training with us.