Men Barbering+ Men Hair Style

Finance available

Course: Men barbering + Men hair style
Duration: 5
Available upon request

Instalment payment can be arranged

Day and evening training session available

Accredited Diploma Certificate will be awarded

This will enable you to apply for Public Liability Insurance
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About the course

This  is a fast track level 2 diploma barbering course. It involves mastering the combinations of fundamental clipper and scissor over combs techniques in enhancing different looks. The precise cutting technique you will learn will be useful in integrating various hair styles, and by incorporating angles and elevations techniques you will be able to achieve a desired finish look.

About the tutor

The tutor of the course has enormous experience of barbering in different part of the world. A fully qualified teacher with transferable skills which makes his classes so enjoyable and relaxing, his ability to motivate and engage with learners is so unique. Often he is considered a ‘perfectionist’, his pragmatic approach to teaching the art of men barbering is to ensure that learners understand and can replicate the techniques.  Barbering Diploma Course 

  • Theory
  • practical
  • one on one
  • demonstrations
  • observation
  • Assessed



Course module

  • How to  use clipper and attachment, shave hair using clippers and shavers, prepare clients for barbering services, scissors over comb techniques, Clipper over comb techniques, Understanding the different angles of cutting hair, Blending and tapering techniques, Fading techniques, shape hairline, shave facial hairs and beards using shavers, Uniform cut, Short graduation, How to shampoo  and condition  hair, Applying products, Products knowledge, Using correct tools, Products and equipment, Gowning and positioning client for a shampoo section, How to blow dry and style hair, How to achieved different finish look and After care advise

Anatomy and physiology

  • Consultation techniques
  • How to sterilize tools
  • Contra indication
  • How to prevent cross infection
  • Analysing hair and scalp condition
  • Understanding hair types
  • Structure of the hair
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Personal hygiene
  • Personal presentation

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