Afro-Caribbean Barbering Training

African Caribbean barbering courses

Afro-Caribbean Barbering Training

£950.00 £750.00

Afro Caribbean barbering courses

Course: Men barbering/ Afro Caribbean barbering
Location: London
Duration: 5 Days

Live Model: Provide
Kit: Available upon request 

Size of Class:   Maximum 4

Instalment payment can be arranged

Day and evening training session available

For Course Dates: Call 07572462225 

About the course

Afro Caribbean barbering  involves using distinctive techniques of cutting hair and how when adapted   can also  be utilised in cutting, fading and blending all hair types.

About the tutor

The teacher of this course is of Afro Caribbean background, with wealth of experience in Afro Caribbean barbering; he is passionate and wants to share those unique skills with you.   With more than 28 years’ experience in the salon floor   and 8 years of teaching, you will have the opportunity of learning   some of the hidden  secret of the trade.His holistic and fascinating techniques of demonstration makes his classes interesting. Don’t just learn how to cut hair, learning from the best is much more rewarding.

  • Theory
  • practical
  • one on one support
  • demonstrations
  • observation
  • Assessed

Fully Accredited Diploma Certificate will be awarded

This will enable you  obtain   Liability Insurance, open your salon.
All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable


Course module

    • How to use, control adjust clippers and cutting equipments
    • Angle of cutting hair
    • Types of hair cut
    • Blending techniques
    • Tapering and graduated cuts
    • Fading techniques
    • Zero fade
    • High and low fade
    • contemporary taper fade
    • High top fade
    • Level and uniform cut
    • clipper techniques
    • clipper movements
    • Hairline shaping
    • How to shave facial hair beards using shavers
    • After care services

Anatomy and physiology

  • Consultation techniques
  • How to sterilize tools
  • Contra indication
  • How to prevent cross infection
  • Analysing hair and scalp condition
  • Understanding hair types
  • Structure of the hair
  • Legislations and regulations
  • Personal hygiene
  • Personal presentation


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